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LIVINGThis week last year, I went from healthy to sick – in a matter of 3 days, multiple scans, sonograms, and a biopsy.
My world, crashed when I heard the unthinkable.

Through 7 months of aggressive treatment to fight an aggressive form of Breast Cancer, I was surrounded by amazing people who believed, inspired, motivated, supported, encouraged, prayed, and provided relentless amounts of unconditional love.

I lost sooo much in the process, but it was a small price to pay to keep my soul, my spirit, my smile, my attitude…. And more importantly, my heartbeat.

For all intents and purposes, the surgery/chemo/radiation have done their job, and I am… Cancer free. I am in the process of finding a new Oncologist, as mine… who I loved, has left Kaiser. Final testing will take place when a new oncologist has been found.
But for now, I take comfort in knowing, that my body responded well to the treatment.. and I will return to living a full, healthy, cancer-free life.

I’m not sure of the exact date.
I know the timeframe though.
I feel like commemorating dates, gives cancer too much respect.
I remember going into football season, so afraid of what each day, week, month had in store for me. The unknown was my enemy.
Now, I’m headed into football season a year later and I am.. excited, for what the future holds. And all I see is opportunity to reciprocate the love & support I received, pay it forward, embrace this ‘new normal’ life and continue to be grateful, thankful and determined to be the best version of myself.

Ironically, this week I was honored to take part in a special ceremony at the Ronald McDonald House, and they provided us all with rocks. The idea was to write something on the rock in the form of inspiration, motivation or a quote. The rocks will be part of a meditation garden for the kids and families at the RMH. I left there thinking how awesome the concept was, and I would love to do something similar.. in honor of all of YOU that made a difference in my life throughout my journey. No matter how big or small.. near or far you happened to be, you had an impact on me and it would mean so much if you could tag a rock and send it to me, give it to me… however, just get it to me. =)

If you want me to send you a rock, DM your addy.
If you can send me one… let me know, and I’ll DM you my addy.
If you find a rock in your mailbox, on your desk, in your locker, on your counter, etc.. please leave your mark, and return it to me so I can add it to my motivation collection.

I’m not special. I am blessed to be in a really good place this week, this year.
And just to reiterate, like Stuart Scott said: You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live.. so live & fight like hell.

Until we have found a cure, my mindset remains the same… #FuckCancer #WarriorUp

Untitled-1I thank you.. again, and all ways.



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  1. DonnamaeThomas

    Kym! How excited and happy I am at your GREAT news! You have been in my prayers daily since I was first aware of your fight with cancer! What a blessed answer to prayer that you are cancer free, healthy, energetic, and facing your new year with excitement! If you will send me your address, I will send you a rock!! What a neat idea and special way of remembering how blessed you are! Tons of love — and I will continue to keep you in my prayers for you are now a part of my heart and life! Donna (Fair) Thomas

    July 17, 2014 at 10:57 pm

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